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Meet Josée

Founder of
Authentic Connection Psychotherapy & Reiki

Josée Wright

About Me

My name is Josée Wright and I am a Nurse, Psychotherapist & Reiki Master with Shamanic sensibility and approach to life.  Authentic Connection Healing is a way of being for me.  It is about supporting and guiding you to understanding yourself beyond your history and experiences. It is a process of identifying the proliferation of societal programming humans have endured through various influences and traumas. It is about reclaiming the fragmented self and re-orientating the parts of you that are ready to be re-claimed, rejuvenated and loved so that you can discover your innate ability to heal and transform to flourish and become your true self in wholeness.

Compassion, Love, Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, and Respect are at the heart of my practice and my way of being. I hold sacred, safe space in a heart-centred, mindful approach as I support you in making connections between your current situations and your past experiences. I offer the innate wisdom and Shamanic capabilities which allow others to deeply feel, reconcile, and release to change how they connect to their past.


I will guide you to heal and connect to your inner child, so that you may connect to your innate wisdom, allowing you to have heart to heart connections in all of your relationships, while living an empowered, authentic and meaningful life.

Therapeutic Style 


Through years of both professional training and personal experience, I’ve developed a unique skill set that allows me to connect with my clients in a way that is attuned, heart-centered and grounded. This has helped me to create a safe space for clients to awaken, heal and grow in their own natural rhythm.


Having gone through my own personal journey of self-healing and transformational growth, I’ve come to learn that knowing my own darkness and transcending my wounds is the best method for dealing with these in others. 


I have first-hand experience with intergenerational trauma, with being both bully and perpetrator, with tragic accidents affecting me and my family members. I’ve witnessed medical miracles, serendipitous events, challenging relationships, having been on both sides of the proverbial coin. I have first hand experience with codependency, addictions, poor communication, spiritual by-passing, unconscious and conscious parenting, and re-parenting my own inner child, and more. These have all served to humanize and empower me to connect with my clients in such a deeply authentic and profound way so that your journey to healing and liberation is in the company of someone who has walked a similar sacred path. I have felt the pain, reclaimed my own spirit and cultivated the wisdom to go to depths of healing and transformation to recreate my life, my relationships and my purpose. It is my honour to accompany you on your sacred path.  


The Use of Spiritual Practices

for Healing and the Art of Spiritual By-Passing   

The art of spiritual by-passing happens when you use different means of spiritual practices to “by-pass” your way out of your pain. Common practices include meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises and positive thinking. It’s important to note that any spiritual practice or modalities that connect you to your body ARE helpful and encouraged. However, beginners in the “spiritual movement” who lack self-awareness and a deep understanding of themselves and their pain tend to use these practices as a band-aid fix that will eventually bring you to a space where it is simply not enough and will leave you still needing more.



  • Healing childhood trauma in which most, if not all, of trauma stems from


  • Being emotionally supportive and creating a safe space for individual healing 


  • Mastering the art of open, honest and vulnerable communication


  • There is wisdom in all feelings, behaviours and experiences if we approach them with curiosity and compassion.


  • You are the expert of your own life and you have the power to heal yourself.


  • Your body is like the dashboard of a car, and when you start having diseases, your body is simply showing you that you are at dis-ease. Where are you feeling uneasy in your life?  


  • The original trauma was the disconnection from yourself, for attachment relationships that were key for your survival, therefore, providing safety and attunement is necessary to provide space for vulnerability, because without vulnerability there is no growth.


  • People’s pain and trauma is exacerbated by toxic culture and a society that is not trauma informed. Our society operates from a deficiency model which frequently pathologizes individuals for having a normal reaction to unhealthy circumstances. I believe that a key factor in healing is the release of the individual from these harmful societal and cultural narratives. 


  • It's helpful to see each individual in context to their environment. Most of our thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, perspectives, and even our personality has been inherited by our family, culture and society. An integral part of empowerment is removing responsibility and misplaced blame of the individual through understanding how we have been programmed and conditioned by our environment and the systems to which we belong. It is imperative that we separate what’s ours from what was given to us.


  • Time does not heal all wounds; it simply gives them space to sink into the subconscious where they will continue to impact your emotions and behaviour. Unexpressed emotions that have been buried alive will eventually come forth in uglier ways. You can only begin to heal by going inward, loving yourself, accepting yourself, listening to your needs, addressing your attachments and emotional history, learning to look at them from a new lens, understanding how they served a purpose, creating new pathways, and following your own internal, authentic compass.


  • Paying close attention to whatever triggers reactions from you as your triggers reveal the spot where an ancient pain is still buried.


  • The old version of you has been on autopilot/unconscious. When you become aware of old patterns manifesting, you can consciously choose a different path. You can choose a newer version of yourself.​

Therapeutic Style
Spiritual By-Passing

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

What I'm Passionate About

If you're on the self-discovery journey, looking for support in identifying, recognizing and replacing those old systems of protection, then l'd love to connect.

This is the work of Self-Connection. To know yourself so deeply, to align with your highest self, to connect to all that you are.

I can help you to learn how to build an unconditional relationship with yourself, through:

  • Living with Intention

  • Building Self-Trust

  • Practicing Self-Compassion

  • Connecting to your Inner Guidance System

  • Living from your Core Values

  • Advocating for your Needs

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

Body Sensations and Awareness

Through our sessions together, I will guide you in learning how to bring attention to your body while connecting to your pain. It is in truly feeling, and sitting with, your feelings that authentic healing can happen. The disconnection from our bodies has been an adaptation. In those moments, when trauma was happening, the human body & spirit worked and found ways to keep you safe. How did it do this? It created adaptations or coping mechanisms. It allowed you to space out/tune out, fight or flight, it chose attachment vs authenticity. These and many other adaptations are often labeled as a mental health diagnosis.

The Inner Child

Why the inner child, you may ask? Why is it important to go back to your earliest memory of childhood? Because 95-99% of our trauma started from early childhood and, for some, in the womb. Whatever trauma that was left unresolved from our parents or caregivers was unconsciously brought forward.  


So what could this have looked like for you or in your home?  ​​

  • angry outbursts

  • addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, food

  • many forms of abuse

  • neglect

  • anxiety

  • mental health diagnosis

  • the more recent introduction of cell phones and social media 

  • the inability for true connection from a parent or caregiver

Residential Schools and the Healing Journey

Imagine this vision of an adult woman holding a little child, and that little child represents the little girl version of herself, and an adult male, holding a child, and that little child also representing the little boy version of himself, and in between these four figures was all the missing and murdered children as a result of the residential schools, the 60’s scoop and intergenerational trauma. This picture as a whole represents Every Child Matters including the inner child.


The root, or purpose, of the residential schools was to “rip/beat the Indian out of the Indian”.  This in turn has caused many issues, such as identity crisis. Confusion as to whom one is, and where one comes from. 


Through the healing journey, we will bring nurturing and healing to the wounded parts that were afflicted through either direct result of residential schools/the 60’s scoop, or indirect result, which have led to intergenerational trauma and identity crisis.  


When you take the time to share, feel, and be vulnerable to these raw emotions and past memories then there is an ability to release these wounds. In that space, there is potential for true healing and, as a result, a re-patterning of your neural pathways begins to happen. While releasing these memories, and emotions, we can learn to understand the history and how it affected those who inflicted the pain, and forge on the path of forgiveness, compassion and understanding. That is how the curse of intergenerational trauma gets broken. 


The healing journey is not about anyone else accepting who you are, it’s about accepting yourself as you are and where you come from by connecting to the parts that you are trying to get rid of and giving them the love and attention they are yearning for.  This is an individual journey. It’s not about the external accepting you, it’s about YOU accepting you! Once that falls into place the external will align because once you have re-learned to love all parts of yourself then the external no longer has power over you, this is how identity crisis now becomes authentic connection.


In loving those parts of yourself, you will stand tall in your power. You will stand tall in who you are. You will be proud to say who you are and where you come from because that means that you represent the strength and resilience that has kept you here to share the knowledge and history with the world. This, in turn, gives you the ability to connect with any one human, regardless of race or creed, human-to-human, heart-to-heart.

What I'm Passionate About
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