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What Can Be Addressed During Psychotherapy?

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Self-Esteem Issues

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Chronic Self-Doubt

Relationship Difficulties


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Intergenerational Trauma

Transition to Parenthood


If you're on the self-discovery journey, looking for support in identifying, recognizing and replacing those old systems of protection, then l'd love to connect.

This is the work of Self-Connection. To know yourself so deeply, to align with your highest self, to connect to all that you are.

I can help you to learn how to build an unconditional relationship with yourself, through:

Living with Intention

Building Self-Trust

Practicing Self-Compassion

Connecting to your Inner Guidance System

Living from your Core Values

Advocating for your Needs

Setting Healthy Boundaries

What Else Can I Help You With?

I offer a wide range of holistic and trauma informed healing practices. 

Your voice will be heard every step of the way.


I honour you as the expert of your own life and allow space for your innate wisdom.

  • Understanding the root emotional connection to chronic illness and somatic complaints

  • Breaking free from domestication and unlearning childhood patterns that are holding you back​

  • Creating a personalized plan to support your healing and growth that encompasses mind, body, and spirit

  • Healing the nervous system and creating an embodied sense of safety

  • Conscious parenting and healing intergenerational patterns

  • Connecting you to your innate wisdom and intuition

  • Building resilience and stepping into your power

  • Healing trauma and reclaiming your life

  • Establishing self-trust and self-compassion

  • Connecting with your body and living from a heart-centred place

  • Letting go of what’s not serving you and creating an inspired life​

  • Conscious creation of a life you are inspired by

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