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Reiki is a non-invasive, Japanese energy healing technique that can alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. It can also boost your mood and enhance your quality of life. Reiki does not directly cure diseases or illnesses. Instead, it’s a complementary or alternative health approach that is used as a way to manage symptoms and improve general well-being.


A typical reiki session lasts between 20 and 90 minutes. At your first appointment, you’ll meet with your reiki practitioner where you’ll have a short introduction to the process. You’ll then be instructed to lie down on a treatment table where you will be covered with a blanket while soft, relaxing music plays in the background. During your reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands just above you to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities. There is little to no talking during a typical reiki session, but you can feel free to let your practitioner know if there’s something you need to feel more comfortable or to share what you’re experiencing.

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