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Burnout & System Failures

Reaching a point where you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually can’t give anymore. Everywhere you look, and the many people that you talk to, it appears like we are reaching a culminating point where workers are burning out at alarmingly rapid rates across all major systems. Is it because they don’t care? Or is it because they care too much? People are becoming fed up, and ready to leave their careers/jobs.

Have workers (ALL the wide range of workers; frontline, management etc) lost their voice? The ability to communicate effectively so that we can be heard. When did entitlement and disconnection become a part of this? Or is it that pessimistic voice that says, there is nothing that I can do about that? It’s not my job….. Workers punch away at the clock to collect another paycheck, another year of pension, and live for the weekend so they can unwind with a bottle of wine, beer or whatever other substance they use to numb themselves of their unhappiness. Rocking the hamster wheel of life, keeping themselves so busy, to not feel how unhappy they are at the high stakes game of life. What has become mundane, tedious, soul sucking, goes against your personal values ethics, and morals?

The systems are grasping on for dear life; outdated structured systems grasping on to greed, and grasping onto hierarchal leadership, just to name a few. When did middle and upper management become disconnected from the needs of their employees and customers/patients? What sacrifices against moral, ethics and values have been made by ALL workers to keep their titles, positions and salary?

What if we are hear at a time when systems are running on old programming, our humanities values are evolving ethically and morally. Our humanity is wanting our systems to evolve with them. You see somewhere along the process, we forgot that we do have a voice, we do have an ability to make a change.

What if I were to ask you, when you graduated and you chose your career path, what is it that INSPIRED you when you first started? What made you choose the specific career field? Something inside you sparked passion, enthusiasm, joy and a zest for life. What if you were to name them, list them and then feel that passion yearning to be seen and spread for others to benefit and to be the change you wish to see in the world?

Unless the systems start listening to their workers, customers and or patients and incorporating the wants and needs of our society, and humanity, the systems will continue to nose dive into a spiral that will be unsalvageable.

True collaboration is only when we leave our egos, badges, titles, hierarchy, self doubt, and stories that we tell ourselves that we cannot make a change .… and leave them at the door. Only then will we truly be able to sit at a round table where everyone sitting their is of equal value, can we truly make change. We are after all, ALL HUMAN. We came here with nothing and will leave here with nothing.

You will see in the coming days, months, and years that if systemic changes are not made, their will be a mass exodus. People will go work privately, because we are here to create change.

Future generations are depending on us, so let’s go, what are you waiting for!!

Josee Wright

CEO, Authentic Connection Psychotherapy & Reiki

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